Composition Rule: Rule of thirds

All of us have probably heard about the ‪#‎ruleofthirds‬.
It is splitting your frame into thirds for a better visual depth.
Here is how to apply it in 4 simple steps:
1. Enable the grid of your camera. (If your camera doesn’t have one, you can visualize it.)
2. The grid(or your visualization) divides the image into 9 equal parts with 4 intersection points.

3. Place your subject on any one of these points. If your subject is bigger like shown in the image below, place the approximate center of the image on the intersection point.  

Skull- rule of thirds

4. Now your image is composed. Click. If you aren’t happy with the image, try placing your image on another point.


Your shot is ready!

skull- composed shot



Photo Credits: Pratik Prabhu.


Have you taken any pics using this rule? Have you broken this rule ever? Let us know your thoughts. Share your pics with us and get them featured on this blog.

Keep Clicking! Keep learning!



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