You know Photography has changed your life when…

We all use our cameras as tools to envision something divine. It doesn’t matter if you use a simple point and shoot, or a phone camera or a fancy DSLR; we all have a vision that is unique. After all, if a camera could make an excellent picture, a typewriter could have written a great novel. You don’t need to have a 5D Mark III to take awesome images. You just need skills, and most of all, a vision.

For us, photography changed our lives completely in ways we could not think of. Photography alters perception, don’t you think?

Here’s what people from our team have to say:
Since four years of photography, I have learnt a lot, met many people. At the start of this journey, I was clueless as to what to do with my passion. With no training in Photography or any creative field for that matter, but a lot of passion and creativity, I took a leap. Never got to know how this hobby turned into passion and passion into profession. I met my mentor and best friend, who showed me all the hurdles in my path and guided me. Through criticism and practice, I learnt. To find out more, I received formal training in an institute. Not only I discovered techniques, but also gained confidence there. Photography gave me a job and a remarkable group of friends there. With similar backgrounds, our wavelengths had to match!
Photography has given me everything I have today: Friends, trusting people around me, support of my parents. Most of all: Self Confidence. ”

I’ve understood the importance of colors in life. I am happy that I chose Photography as a career. It brings confidence in me.

Photography has given me vision to see things differently. I can now tell stories through images. It is like a new language of communication.

“Photgraphy gave me a career. It gave me vision to see colors. I got to work in a creative field.”

Choosing photography as a career was the perfect decision I ever made. It works as a stress buster for me, which keeps me stress free even while “Working”. I have become observant in past few months, looking for pictures in anything I see. I have started noticing lights, where it comes from, its intensity, duration for which it is visible on any object.

We’ve learned to see an image even when we don’t have a camera in our hands. And that’s what every photographer needs to learn. When you know how your photo is going to be even before you capture it, you have most of the skills required to click fantastic pictures.

This amazing Canon Ad is what describes us perfectly. 😀

Photocourtesy: Digital Photographer

Do you gaze at the sunset with someone you love and think shutter speeds, ISO, and Aperture? Let us know your views. How did photography change your life? How do you use your camera as a passport to infinite exploration?