Composition Rule: Rule of thirds

All of us have probably heard about the ‪#‎ruleofthirds‬.
It is splitting your frame into thirds for a better visual depth.
Here is how to apply it in 4 simple steps:
1. Enable the grid of your camera. (If your camera doesn’t have one, you can visualize it.)
2. The grid(or your visualization) divides the image into 9 equal parts with 4 intersection points.

3. Place your subject on any one of these points. If your subject is bigger like shown in the image below, place the approximate center of the image on the intersection point.  

Skull- rule of thirds

4. Now your image is composed. Click. If you aren’t happy with the image, try placing your image on another point.


Your shot is ready!

skull- composed shot



Photo Credits: Pratik Prabhu.


Have you taken any pics using this rule? Have you broken this rule ever? Let us know your thoughts. Share your pics with us and get them featured on this blog.

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Stun the sun



‪#‎howto‬ of the day
Love taking photos of the sun?

Two steps to creating a ‪#‎starburst‬ for stunning photos:
1. Set your mode to Aperture Priority (Av for Canon and A for Nikon)
2. Set the Aperture to as narrow as your camera allows.


How to direct any subject for great pictures

Whether you are taking photos of your college/ office mates or a professional model in a studio, you need to make sure your subject is relaxed, comfortable, and most of all happy. After all, people look their best when they are happy. Here are few tips that help us take fantastic pictures:

1. Do not ask him/her to Pose. When you ask your model to pose, he/she will indeed focus on posing and looking good. Instead, coach her to perform certain actions. This way, the expressions come natural, and the pose doesn’t look artificial.

2. Take the pressure off her, demonstrate the moves. That’s what the biggest directors in the industries swear by.

3. Create an emotion by putting a thought into the subject’s head. Create a story. For example, if you want her to blush, tell her that her crush is approaching her!

Pro Tip: Ask her to spell the vowels out loud: A, E, I, O, and U. This is a fantastic trick to get different expressions from a model. This eliminates the possibilities of the same dull smiling expression, and you get candid photos! Go ahead, look in the mirror and see for yourself!